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ROAR Training

A range of ideas, training sessions and workshops about how to help a child to read

If you know a

– group of parents/carers/grandparents/siblings

– volunteer helpers in schools

– classroom assistants

– mentors

who would like some tips, ideas, encouragement and reassurance about how to help a child read,
then find out more about a VRH ROAR session.

VRH can create a ROAR session to meet the requirements of your group. Depending on the objectives you wish to meet and the length of time you want the session(s) to last, ROAR can be adapted to include a mixture of the following modules:

 The range of reading material
 What to do with a book
 Pre-school reading
 What may be needed for effective reading
 What children learn at school
 The reading process
 Games
 Visiting a library
 Dyslexia
 English as an additional language

VRH is an England-wide organisation so our trainers will try to come to your area and deliver a ROAR session in any suitable venue e.g. a school, community room or Children’s Centre