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Corporate Involvement

Illiteracy costs business and government £10bn each year
(Literacy, Education and Training and their impact on the UK Economy, Ernst and Young)

The average company employing 1,000 people or more could save £500 per person if the basic skills of employees were improved
(Basic Skills Agency)

….so helping VRH to build a nation of confident children, literate for life makes not just common sense but business sense too.

…and you can support your local community not just by giving money, but by making it easy for your employees to give time as reading helpers, an arrangement that benefits the children, the school, the community and, of course your employees and your image as a company.

There are many ways that your company can work with VRH in partnership. We can train your employees as VRH reading helpers, arrange their placement in a local school and provide ongoing support. We can simply offer training to prepare your employees for roles in school, leaving you to make the arrangements for your own volunteering scheme.

Involving your staff in fundraising will unite them in a common goal, increase motivation and encourage teambuilding. Your company could sponsor a book box for a local school, or give a gift in kind. VRH could become your Charity of the Year. Your employees could take part in one of our challenge events (great team-building exercises); participate in our national or local events; or you could promote our cause through your payroll giving scheme.

Without basic skills 49 out of 50 jobs will be closed to today’s children
(Institute of Employment Studies)

Your company can help give today’s children the confidence to face tomorrow’s job market.