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Corporate Giving


We have a number of sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to fit your organisation’s objectives. Sponsoring one of our events or, perhaps, our educational materials is a really cost-effective way of demonstrating your commitment to the community. Our current sponsorship opportunities include:

  • VRH publications: Posters and leaflets
  • VRH events
  • Development of a new VRH website including interactive children’s pages
  • Display materials
  • Annual report 2006-07 


Cause related marketing

A cause related marketing strategy involves a joint promotion between the charity and the company. The company contributes a donation to the charity in return for each product or service sold in order to encourage sales.

By associating your company with a worthwhile cause you will be creating a positive image demonstrating social responsibility which will engage trust with your customers and increase brand loyalty.

If you are interested in exploring a cause related marketing strategy with VRH we would be very pleased to hear from you.



A charitable donation from your company could enable us to

  • provide boxes of carefully selected books and games to encourage even the most disengaged of children
  • fund the recruitment, training and support of a volunteer reading helper for a year
  • help fund our  projects supporting children in residential care
  • pilot new work in extended schools. e.g. breakfast and after-school clubs
  • provide training for parents in disadvantaged communities

If your company is interested in education, diversity, inclusion and employment opportunities for today’s children tomorrow, then we would be delighted to hear from you so that we can discuss the range of projects that need your support. Whether you are thinking large or small, every penny given will make a huge difference to the lives of disadvantaged children who need the support of our reading helpers.

Gifts in Kind

You can support us without making a donation by giving a gift in kind. In this way you can make a huge impact on the work of VRH while your company has the opportunity to get involved closely with a charity and meet its charitable objectives. We can discuss with you opportunities for potential gifts of office furniture or equipment, space or access to your unique resources.

Charity of the Year

With 8 million adults in the UK having only a limited grasp of reading and writing, illiteracy may effect many of your staff and customers. By choosing VRH as your Charity of the Year, you will be directly helping to ensure that today’s children, future employees and customers, do not grow up in a world where they cannot read or write.

VRH has a network of branches throughout the UK and a central fundraising team to support your Charity of the Year programme, to obtain maximum mutual benefit and generate potential publicity.